Happy 4th!!

5:30 PM


Another great year celebrating 4th of July with fam and friends. We hung out down by the beach and enjoyed watching the fireworks from the Queen Mary. We love a good party vibe with good music and raving lights! Best purchase to date? Our large stereo box with lights that shine bright and move along to the rhythm of tunes. 

We had all sorts of goodies from fresh fruits, bomb desserts to yummy burgers made by the grill master, my husband Stefan. He's all about that grill life for 4th of July. I had insisted that he buy a few burger patties as most of my guests are vegetarian or vegan, but alas he ignored me and bought a huge pack of patties which ended up working out perfectly since our neighbors joined us and we ended up sharing our food. Overall we had such a good time! Excited for next 4th of July already!! so hard to believe that our baby will be 7 months old then!! So excited!! woooo. Anyways cheers to good times, fam and friends.

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