Renegade Fair LA '15

12:49 PM

You gotta hit up renegade fair if your into unique stuff! Plus didn't ya know that supporting local artists is super cool? They had everything from clothing, jewelry, home decor to food. I went there not knowing what I'd find. I thought maybe I would leave with something like a tote or worst...empty handed. Well nope, I ended up buying perfume...not just any was perfume inspired by one of my fave historical ladies...yes THE Marie Antoinette. Now for anyone who really knows me, they would understand why I would make such a purchase. Ever since learning of the late french queen back in high school I've been just a little bit obsessed with her. I'm totally digging the floral smell with notes of: moss, bergamot, rose and jasmine (my fave.) It's made by this cute little shop called Sweet Tea Apothecary . They have a nice collection of perfumes for both men and women.

I also left home with a pack of flash tattoos. Since Id never get a real tattoo these temporary flashy ones will do! After exploring all the booths, my sis and I sat by the shade and ate some yummy coconut popsicles. I ate not one but two! Could've eaten a third if I hadn't ran out of cash! #preggolife Anyways until next time renegade fair!

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