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Since finding out I was pregnant my body began to change so quickly that I could hardly keep up! After reading a ton about pregnancy symptoms, I thought I was quite prepared and ready for what was to come, but honestly nothing can prepare you when your body is undergoing some crazy changes.

I started out with intense fatigue and migraines BUT one thing I was not prepared for was the nausea/vomiting. I know TMI, but this one was a big one for me considering that I hadn't thrown up since I was like ten years old (yup vomit free since '97.) I have the biggest phobia with vomiting and in the beginning of my pregnancy I forced myself not to, but then my body gave in. It was NOT a pretty sight. First time I vomited I bawled like a baby while my poor pup, Mr. Waffles stood by my side and watched in confusion. I couldn't even take him for walks because I would puke all over the sidewalk!

I'd say that was when I felt at my lowest and wondered if I would feel gross forever (I know dramatic) but I'm glad to say that I bounced right back! I took comfort in the fact that my baby was doing his thing and that all these crazy symptoms are part of the whole preggo experience.

The most dramatic day that I could recall so far was when I cried hysterically for the last episode of the Wonder Years. My hubby and I had been watching the show on Netflix and alas the day finally came when it was over. I have to add that I had already watched the show back in the 90's and already knew the ending, but this time around I blame the preggo hormones because I NEVER cry for anything!!!  The waterworks was so bad that my poor husband was looking at me all worried and kept asking if I was ok. "I really wanted Winnie to marry Kevin!!!" I yelled back. hahaha. #preggolife

Below are my 4 month photos...where's my bump at though?? More pics to come :-)

Flash Tattoo and nail wraps by Jamberry! 

Yummy iced teas from starbucks

yummy spot in LBC: Restauration

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