Desert Escape

11:18 PM

One of my favorite places is Joshua Tree! In my opinion, there's really no place like it. We drove around mostly and stopped for mini walks. Really wished I could have been able to walk farther but the heat/sun did not allow it, especially in my delicate condition. Things started getting a little out of hand when we stopped at the Cholla garden site. Hundreds of beautiful plant life with super sharp thorns. Some of those thorns are thinner than a needle! dangerous place for a clumsy person like myself. Anyways the views were spectacular! While there we were facing 90 degree weather. You think that's bad? afterwards we headed over to Salton Sea (it's actually a lake) and there it was 103 degrees. I was dying! I don't think I had ever been so warm! we drank lots of water to try and stay cool and all kept thinking was about my poor baby heating up inside of me. We headed home exhausted but with good memories. 

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