Christmas, plus one!

10:20 PM

Lukas is 10 days old today and got to sport his "My first Christmas" onesie! wow time is flying. He is our little gift that happened to arrive ten days too early. We have been enjoying the parent life and also have been struggling along the way. The past few days have been a rough just because we have hardly slept a wink except for some hours here and there during the day. In addition, me trying to nurse has been the biggest challenge of all. Some times he latches on well and I feel like we both got this down but then it feels like he'll never latch on and that has been just so frustrating. Everyone told me not to give up with nursing and that it would be painful, but I never realized what they meant....never understood how difficult it would be. But here I am and even with tears of frustration I am determined not give up! Am grateful this Christmas for Lukas, the apple of my eye, my family who has been supporting me and has been by my side! (Lord knows that I would be lost without them.) Am specially grateful for my husband who's my rock and has been the most helpful and hands on daddy that anyone could ask for. Couldn't ask for anything else this Christmas. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!

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