Feel it all around

9:51 PM

Nowadays going out to explore is such a feat. Gone are those days were I could just head out the door with just a bag on hand. Believe it or not I have been majorly stressed planning an outing with my 1 month old! How many extra changes of clothes do I pack? do I really need to take six diapers? is it too cold out? where will I be able to nurse? the list of questions that run through my mind are never ending which is why I have tried not to go out at all however on this particular day I'm glad I did.

My sister and dear friend Gris convinced me to go out for a light walk to Palos Verdes peninsula and we had such a great time! Lukas slept through our entire walk and we both got some much needed fresh air. Let's talk about those gorgeous these beach views were though! One of the many reasons I love to go out there.

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