Good Times

11:13 PM

My amiga Carmen has been in town visiting from NY and it really has been pleasure hanging out ] and catching up with her! Meanwhile our friend Kyle has been gathering and spoiling us with his mouth watering dishes! I swear he can do it ALL. One of Carmen's wishes when she first came was to eat Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake.) I have tried my fair share of Japanese cuisine but had never gotten around to trying this Japanese style pancake.We headed to the park and Kyle whipped up the yummiest okonomiyaki on his portable stove. According to my friends, okonomiyaki is a popular treat out there is made with flour and cabbage with various toppings such as fish, octopus or pork. Seriously finger licking good! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. We washed down our meal with an array of teas that Kyle brought over for us to try. My favorite was the Jasmine pearl! Kyle definitely never fails to impress. Have had the pleasure of knowing him since high school and since then he has always outdone himself with amazing dishes and let's not even get started on his creativity.

A few days later we headed over to Kyle's yet again but this time around for a dumpling party! another meal that did not disappoint. Overall we've been having such a great time just being out and about like the good old days. 

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