Sail Away

8:40 PM

Sail away
Sail away with you
With you
-The Rapture/ Sail Away

Spent an amazing day sailing the LB harbor with my hubby, my in-laws and our neighbor. We have lived in our apartment for over a year now and knew our neighbor was a cool guy with a cool music producing job but had no clue he owned a sail boat! He invited us to go out sailing a day after my baby shower. I was so close to not going because I was waiting for the table rental company to pick up everything up. After waiting forever, we decided to leave them a note to let them know that everything was ready and ended up going! What I thought would be a one hour sailing trip ended up lasting four hours. Such a great liberating feeling being out at sea! We had soooo much fun! 

Our neighbor let us steer the boat and said I was the first preggo girl he ever had on his boat. lol. Let me tell you, steering a sail boat is NOT easy. I had no idea what i was doing but at least I tried. Got to see the BEST view of downton LB.

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