Aquarium adventure

11:48 PM

Took Lukas to the aquarium of the pacific for the first time today. Was looking forwards to bringing him there since It's one of my most favorite places. In my teens, I volunteered there in the education dept and eventually got to work with the guest services dept. Shout to the aquarium though! I learned so much while working there and my love and knowledge for marine life grew even more. Hoping to instill the same wonder and love for the ocean onto Lukas as he gets older. My family insisted that he was still too little to appreciate the aquarium right now, but surprisingly he enjoyed it! Lukas especially loved seeing the jelly fish exhibit and was mesmerized with their swift swimming moves. 

My dear friends whom I've known since my aquarium days still work there and were gracious enough to give us tickets! They recommended we go in the evening before closing time as there's less crowds and more space to walk around. Best advice ever! We basically had the entire place to ourselves and finished viewing all the exhibits right before closing time.  So excited to return back again when he's a little older. I am positive he will probably be even more engaged. 

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