Mosaic Wonderland

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Taking this post way back to the beginning of the year in January, when my sis convinced me to go to the Mosaic tile house out in Venice Beach. I was expecting this place to be on some super busy street and was surprised to find that it was right smack in the middle of a residential area. So basically went from seeing basic house after basic house, after basic house to WOW.  Had to pull my sister aside and be like "are you sure we can go in there? don't like people live there!?" Was beyond embarrassed to go in, but Steph convinced me that she had reserved tickets online and that the owner was waiting for us to take us on a tour. I really wasn't sure what to expect but from the looks of the house from the outside, you could already tell it was going to be super neat. 

We were greeted by the owner Cheri who was really the sweetest person ever. She took us on the tour which was to no surprise, jaw droppingly amazing. Both Cheri and her husband Gonzalo have been working on their home for over ten years and have created a masterpiece out of it by collecting thousands of mosaic tile pieces and adding them to their home. We're talking EVERYWHERE here. Even the kitchen and bathroom are all done up with tile. Cheri explained that most of the pieces are donated now and there's lots of maintenance to be done so they are always busy working on the house. Really loved photographing and zooming into some of the pieces on the walls, especially since some were semi-intact like half-broken teacups, cookie jar lids, full plates, random glass figurines, and mugs. You really can wander around and find so many little details in every corner. So much dedication, imagination, and above all LOVE has gone into making this place come to life. 

One of my favorite areas in the home was their studio, where all the magic goes down. Several portraits of the couple adorned the high walls, some with cute witty quotes and others just full of life with vibrant colors and superhero themes. Their studio totally transported me back to 5th-grade art class over by retro row. I remember waiting anxiously all day to line up by our school's gate to be fetched by our funky hippy art teacher to take us across the street to the art studio. The smells of canvas and acrylic paints lay heavily in the air, to some bothersome but to me it was a pleasant scent.   Cheri's and Gonzalo's studio totally took me back to those good times when we had no worries and just painted with my friends. Told Cheri about my wanting to go back to that and she insisted I dive right back in and just create stuff. 

Shortly after visiting the Mosaic Tile house, I guess I did get some inspo and got back to drawing. I had been meaning to put up some frames up with drawings of animals in Lukas' room. It's a work in progress, but I'll try to remember to post about it when I'm done. 

Anyways enjoy the pics below and if you're in the mood for wandering around some talented couple's cool house, check them out and purchase tickets at

I bet breaking these plates must be great for stress relief 

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