Pink Hair, Don't Care

10:55 PM

"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink" Lily Pulitzer 

So yes, back in March I dyed my hair PINK. For years I had wanted to dye my hair a wild color and kept getting told by everyone that I would look too crazy or that I was simply too old now. So I put all of my hesitations aside and went for it. I totally ended up LOVING the way it turned out. Shout out to Nicole at Citylovelb salon, who transformed my locks. Told my husband that having pink hair felt as if one of my vibrant colors within my being was finally coming to light and being exposed! (surely he must think I'm crazy.) Silly thing to say but it really did feel that way for me.  Think there's this certain expectation (especially in my Salvadorian culture) for a new mom to look a certain way and I wanted to deviate far from that! yes, I got some gasps (hi mom) and questionable looks (mostly mom) but if I like it, whatevs right? 

I am turning thirty soon and have been at a crossroads as to what I want to really do in the future. One thing I do know for certain is that I never want to feel like I'm too old or that it's too late to go for stuff that I've always wanted to do and that makes me happy. Taking small steps and yeah I started with something basic as pink hair, but hoping whatever things I chose to do, whether small or big, I will be able to look back with absolutely no regrets.  


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