Big 3-0

3:25 PM

Finally joined the 30’s club ya’ll! So I don’t feel any different except just super exhausted (don’t entirely blame this on my age though….pointing at you motherhood!)  We decided to celebrate my birthday and Steph’s b-day in beautiful Arizona! (our birthdays are only three days apart!) So yeah we had a total blast out there visiting Sedona, The Grand Canyon and Antelope Valley. We did a lot of driving, exploring and most importantly had some special family time. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love being out on the road, especially with the people I love most!
A week before our trip we celebrated by going to downtown LA at a new rooftop bar called the Broken Shaker. Absolutely LOVED it there and the views? Hands down one of the best. We sat around sipping on overpriced drinks and looking pretty. Just the LA thing to do you know.

Also can’t forget the beautiful cube décor at work! Big thanks to my dear amiga who must have woken up at the break of dawn to bring my boring old little corner to life with a Game of Thrones theme! So apparently all I do is talk about GoT. Whatever I said about the show eventually convinced her to binge watch the whole thing. I’m not that obsessed! There was loads of “snow,” super well thought out props and don’t get me started on the witty letter she made. I loved it all. I'm horrible at expressing my emotions when I'm happy but  If I had a heart I would have cried.

It's safe to say I had an unforgettable birthday week! wooooo so I’m thirty now! It's going to take a while until that sinks in! cheers!

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